Western Australia plans to reduce some occupations in demand list
A news from Australia has come for foreign workers related to their occupation in the Australia demand list. Actually, Western Australia is going to reduce the Skilled Occupations available for foreign workers.

A key Australian nation is probable to reduce the skilled occupations through which foreign employees, looking to WA (Western Australia), apply for applicable visa. At now the Occupation listing of WA is closed for the evaluation. The Premier of WA Mark McGrowan is looking to restriction the range skilled occupations for overseas professional workers.

McGowan – the Western Australian Premier has reiterated the fact that present list of occupations for which the state of Western Australia require overseas skilled workers, will be reviewed and a reduction of a few occupations will be done. The WA Occupation list has not been updated since year 2017.

The key occupations that are likely to be removed are, Nurses, Electricians, Engineers, Mechanics, bricklayers, etc.

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