Some Canada PR Visa holders can be barred to enter the United States
The Canadian permanent residents who belonged to a Muslim majority country can be denied to enter the U.S. This new order has been issued by the newly elected U.S. president Donald Trump. This order was signed on March 6 and will implement after March 16.

Under the order the six countries which are blocked from entering the U.S. are Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen are blocked for apply for U.S. visa for 90 days. However, federal Minister of Immigration of Canada has assured the Canadian citizens that he has gotten a guarantee from the White House, the permanent residents of Canada can travel to U.S as usual. 
The revised ban, signed by Trump on Monday, explicitly says that a “landed immigrant” from Canada needs to apply for a “waiver” that “may” be granted, on a “case-by-case basis.
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