Record fall in Express Entry CRS score, 3,665 ITAs issued for just 415 CRS score

The latest Express Entry draw has took place on April 19, 2017 with a new record. The CIC issued 3,665 Invitations to Apply (ITAs) which means these candidates can now apply for permanent residency status in Canada. The notable thing is in this Express Entry draw the CRS score requires to get an ITA is just 415 which is the lowest CRS score ever since the launch of Express Entry system.

In this year IRCC has come up with many different records including the fall in CRS score in every draw. The opening months of 2017 have witnessed a series of decreasing CRS requirements and increasing numbers of ITAs issued. This followed predictions made by IRCC towards the end of 2016 that changes to the Express Entry system and the CRS would result in a greater number of ITAs being issued, and consequently a drop in the CRS score requirement.

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