Manitoba Government plans improve services in its Provincial Nominee Program
Manitoba Education and Training Minister Ian Wishart have announced the provincial government has planned to improve its service quality to enrich the immigration process for the province.

The new improve includes Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program to complete the whole process in or less than 6 months. Ian Wishart has announced this in a press conference and he also ensured to improve online application submission system.
Wishart confirmed that a backlog of applications to the program which stood at more than 5,100 applications in April 2016 — has now been cleared. 

Other Service Improvements:

· A further improvement to the program comes in the form of an online resource listing in-demand jobs in the province, which is expected to be updated regularly based on labour market analysis and input from stakeholders.
· Wishart also announced that there will be new pathways introduced to enable international student to transition their permanent residence status in Manitoba.
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