Canada offers space for United States H-1B Visa aspirants
Canada offers space for United States H-1B Visa aspirants

The US has temporarily suspended the fast-track processing of H-1B visas, leaving many foreign workers in limbo. After the U.S. President Donald Trump’s strict rule over H-1B visa class, Canada has come in front for the visa looking workers. This may increase the entry from India and other countries for technology related jobs in Canada.
Canadian employers have issued a rallying cry for these workers to join the Canadian labour market instead, either as workers or as new permanent residents. However, Canada government already offers a range of visas for student, workers and also for those who are looking for permanent residence status.
H-1B visa is for those foreign workers who are expertise in the field of technology. These workers get temporary visa from the U.S. government. Trump has taken this step as he committed in U.S. Presidential campaign.
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