Canada Government Abolishes the Condition of Permanent Residence for Spouses and Partners
Government of Canada has taken a bold decision to balance the gender equality in the country. And now government has come up with their commitment and removed the condition which applied in some visa categories where is was mandatory to live with their Canadian citizen or resident partner who has sponsored him/her. Previously it was mandatory to live with the partner for at least for 2 years of initial migration.

This change is applicable to whom are subjected to new spouse and partner, sponsored by their Canadian partner as well as who meet with the requirements.

Canadian Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussain, “We’re doing away with a measure that could have made a bad situation worse by possibly making people feel they needed to stay in abusive situations just to keep their status in Canada. Removing conditional permanent residence is another example of the Government’s commitment for family reunification and making it easier for immigrants to build successful lives in Canada.”

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