By 2022 Newfoundland and Labrador targets to double annual immigrants
The Canadian province Newfoundland and Labrador has planned to double the annual number of immigrants. The provincial government has taken this step to get more immigrants every year as rest of the provinces are getting.
Further, the plan is divided into two broad phases, with the first phase encompassing the year 2017, and the subsequent phase covering 2018 to 2022. Of the 39 initiatives outlined, 24 are scheduled to be rolled out in phase one.
Speaking at the launch, provincial Labour Minister Gerry Byrne stated that, "Even in this economy — you could argue because of this economy — there are skill sets that are left unfulfilled and unanswered. The argument is actually made and effectively made, and effectively made, this is the best time to come to Newfoundland and Labrador."
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