After USA and Australia, New Zealand government announces changes in skilled overseas visa

The New Zealand government has announced that they are going to make skilled overseas workers visa requirements tougher. The government has decided this to control the number of immigrants which reaches high all the time.

Previously, USA has changed its H1B visa class whereas Australia has planned to abolish the 457 visa subclass. These changes will effect most Indians applying for these visas. New Zealand announced this on Wednesday.

New Zealand’s Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse said in a speech that the government was unapologetic that industries relying on overseas workers are finding it harder to recruit people from abroad.

"We are absolutely committed to the principle of kiwis first," he said, using an informal term for New Zealanders.

Additionally, the candidate who wants to apply for New Zealand Skilled Overseas visa, have to need a job in which they have earned a median income.

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