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How To Settle In New Zealand From India

New Zealand is the land-dwelling of great prospects for career as well as personal growth. It is the most preferred destination in the world to study, work and settle permanently. The country is one of the best places to re-locate with family and enjoy a pretty good standard of education and living. If you are looking for a lively and flourishing country in which you want to live, capitalize, originate, work and grow, then New Zealand is the land for you!

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Benefits of Having New Zealand Permanent Resident Visa

New Zealand welcomes foreign skilled workers to live, work and contribute to the economy and in lieu offers many competitive advantages to them. Not only individually, there are many social benefits that are provided to you and your family once you settle there as a Permanent resident.

  • The major benefit one gets includes medical aids at a subsidized rate
  • Free quality education for your children by state run institutions and universities. New Zealand has some of the best universities in the world.
  • You get the right to vote and choose the government of New Zealand after spending one year in the country.
  • With your permanent resident visa, you are also approved to move freely anywhere in New Zealand.
  • The amount of pay or wages in different professions is reasonable to live by a decent standard of living.
  • You can work, study and travel as per your own convenience and discretion

Settlement Programs For New Zealand

There are two core programs under which you can seek immigration and settle permanently in New Zealand.

One is Skilled Migrant Category visa (SMC) which allows skilled workers and professionals to live, work and settle in New Zealand on a permanent basis. Before applying under this category, first you need to consent with the eligibility criteria mentioned for the program i.e., according to the point based system which takes your current age, work experience, educational credentials, etc. into consideration.
You can check your points here.

Eligibility criteria for skilled migrant category

To be eligible for SMC, you need to comply with the following eligibility requirements:

  • Your age at the time of submission of your application must be 55 years or below
  • You must be proficient with English language
  • You must be called ‘healthy’ as an individual
  • You must be of a morally sound character i.e., not having criminal record

Only after complying with the above-mentioned eligibility criteria, you can start your process of New Zealand immigration to settle permanently in the country.

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Processing time for SMC

After complying with the above mentioned eligibility criteria, you can apply for New Zealand PR visa. The processing time is generally 6 months. It may take longer than 6 months if a well-intentioned consultation is not taken up. Therefore, to get your PR visa on time, it is essential to get in touch with the finest immigration experts in the industry.

Family Category Visa

Under the Family category visa, there are many alternatives available. You can apply through any family category program if you are having a spouse, dependent child or a parent.

To migrate to New Zealand under this category, there is only one eligibility criteria which need to be complied with, i.e., there must reside a family relative of yours in New Zealand as a Resident/ Permanent Resident or Citizen. You need to get sponsorship from such relative in order to be eligible for family category visa.

Apart from these, there is study permits and other work visas but for permanent residency, only these two programs are currently obtainable.

Funds Requirements To Settle in New Zealand

To settle in New Zealand permanently, you also need to have sufficient funds to sustain you and your family. Displaying proof of funds is not mandatory under New Zealand PR visa but it is advisable on the grounds that the government of New Zealand may consider this a positive critique. If all your documents are true and fair, then there will be no obstacle in grant of your New Zealand Residence Visa. In addition to the settlement fund, you also need to spend an amount total to NZD 2100 as your PR fee.

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Settle In New Zealand After Study

If you have completed your studies from New Zealand and wish to continue your stay for work purpose, then you can apply for another temporary visa. You are eligible to stay in New Zealand up to a period of 4 years (depending on your subject area of studies). You can also apply for a Resident visa after this duration. There are two types of visa you can apply for after completing your studies in New Zealand-

Post-study work open visa: This visa allows you stay in the country up to 12 months after completion of your studies. This is for those who are on a job hunt related to their field of studies. You are also allowed to work or go for apprenticeship during this period in order to support yourself financially in the country.

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Post-study employer assisted work visa: This visa is for those who after completion of their studies want to stay in New Zealand to gain experience in the job related to their profile. This is valid for 2 years. The visa relates to a specific job with a specific employer. After completion of 2 years, you can apply for a resident visa under Skilled Migrant Category (SMC).

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