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What are the Requirements for an Entrepreneur Work Visa ?

Like any other visa, New Zealand Entrepreneur work visa too, has certain laid down requirements. In order to successfully get an Entrepreneur Work Visa for New Zealand, you will need to meet the requirements:

  1. A minimum capital investment in the economy of New Zealand which is NZ$ 1, 00,000. This amount excludes working capital.
  2. You mandatorily need to meet the point’s requirements which is at least 120 points.
  3. Showcase a clear and detailed business plan. The business plan is your plan to carry out various activities relating to your business in the interest of economy of New Zealand. Also, business plan should be both in view of short-term and long-term working of the enterprise.
  4. Be of good health- both mental and physical.
  5. Be having a good and moral character, with no past criminal records
  6. Meet the necessary English requirements (English being the official language of NZ)
  7. Have a clean financial record i.e., no huge liabilities pending
  8. Have no background of business failure, fraud or bankruptcy.

After meeting these requirements, you can apply for Entrepreneur Visa.

These are the general guidelines and procedure for New Zealand Entrepreneur Visa Program. To get a detailed view in this regard, we suggest you to contact our panel of experts and avail a FREE first consultation over phone.

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