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Calculating Your Points For A New Zealand PR VISA

S.N. Age Points
1 Under 20-39 age bracket Awarded 30 points
2 Under 40-44 age bracket Awarded 20 points
3 Under 45-49 age bracket Awarded 10 points
4 Under 50-55 age bracket Awarded 5 points

Work experience in skilled employment

S.N. Experience Between Points
1 Experience is between 1-3 years Awarded 10 points
2 Experience is between 4-5 years Awarded 20 points
3 Experience is between 6-7 years Awarded 30 points
4 Experience is between 8-9 years Awarded 40 points
4 Experience is between 10 years Awarded 50 points
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  • Immigration Points plays a key role in deciding your New Zealand PR chances because the higher you score, the better are your immigration chances. The applicants applying for Skilled Migration Category must make sure to score desirable points for faster New Zealand PR immigration chances. Hence, we can say that Government of New Zealand follows a point system to find the potential migrants who can contribute towards the economic growth of the nation through Skilled Migration Category. The NZ Visa point system is designed so that skillful foreign migrants who wish to migrate to Kiwi land score desirable points and can contribute and improve the economy and industrial growth of New Zealand.

    How Many Points Required for New Zealand PR?

    As a skilled worker applying through Skilled Migration Category, you need the minimum 100 points under NZ Visa Points System to become eligible to apply for Expression of Interest (EOI). However, to receive an invitation to apply candidates needs to score higher points for faster immigration chances. The NZ points score may vary depending upon the factors like total number of visa applications, total available places in the visa category, applicants applying for nominated occupation or the current status of the occupation.

    There are various factors like age, employment, work experience, qualification and family member residing in the country that are taken into consideration for applying New Zealand ImmigrationThe overall mentioned points can be checked using New Zealand PR points CalculatorApart from the mentioned factors, you are also required to meet the certain eligibility requirements as well:

    • You must meet health and character requirement
    • You must be below 55 years of age at the time of visa lodgment
    • You must have proven English language Capabilities
    • You must reach a minimum point score of 100 in the Expression of Interest Pool

new zealand immigration points Calculator

Please note that the New Zealand PR calculator mentioned below is the general indicator guide only. The exact immigration points are awarded only by the immigration officer by thoroughly doing assessment of your visa application.So, you may look and use our points guide for a self-assessment to find out if you are eligible to migrate under Skilled Migrant Category and find out how many points are you able to score.

New Zealand PR for Indian

As an Indian willing to settle and work in the least populous country offers you great work opportunities, living standards and different visa categories that you may select depending upon your visa preferences. You may connect with our esteemed visa and immigration experts of Aptech Global that can guide you with proper assistance for New Zealand PR.



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