• Tue, Dec 21 2021
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Skill Shortage List To Attract Foreign Workers

The skill shortage lists have been regionalized where aged care nurses, teachers, and builders are added to the existing skill shortage list. Immigration Minister Lain Lees-Galloway said that the lists were intended to build thriving and sustainable regions. In the Essential Skills Demand programs, the Immediate Skills Shortage List had been changed to the Regional Skill Shortage Lists. The minister also assured that no occupation from the list has been removed completely.

Employers who want to invite skilled workers for the occupations not listed on the list can still invite as long as they can demonstrate that there are no New Zealanders available to do the job. The Government’s primary plan is to streamline and regionalize the skills-based visa system. The teacher shortage was addressed by the addition of early childhood, primary and secondary school teachers to all regions on the Regional Skill Shortage List.

In the latest updates, Aged Care Nurses have been added to the Long Term Skill Shortage List while Building Associates have been added to the Construction Skills Shortage List. New Zealand First Immigration Spokesperson Clayton Mitchell said that the refinement to make skills shortage lists more regionalized was the first step in addressing the immigration concerns and encouraging the immigrants to migrate places other than Auckland and main centers. There are 172 occupations on the skills shortage lists and the number of regions had been expanded from six to 15. Also, 14 occupations were reviewed out of 50 occupations that were nominated. Submissions were sought from industry groups and interested parties about the nature and extent of skill shortages in the occupations selected for review.

The revised lists will come into effect this month

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