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Skill migrant Category Periodical Selection Statistics

New Zealand released its Expression of Interest (EOI) Skill Select results for Skilled Migration Category Programs. The fortnightly results took place on 29 May 2019 giving 651 EOIs to the applicants with a total of 160 or more points. A total of 1,481 people will now undergo preliminary verification to determine if an invitation to apply for residency will be issued or not.

Out of 651 EOIs issued to the applicants, 97 EOIs are issued to the offshore applicants and 554 EOIs are issued to the onshore applicants. The New Zealand Immigration department has further divided the EOIs into job-offer and no-job offer category. This means 45 offshore applicants and 553 onshore applicants received EOIs with job offer. On the other hand, 52 offshore applicants and 1 onshore applicant received EOI without job offer. All the selected candidates with 160 points and above were given EOIs in this current draw.

There are now 565 EOIs in the pool after selection that is waiting for the next EOI draw.

Below mentioned is the mark-up of the selection:

EOI Cut-Off Score


With Job-Offer

Without Job-Offer


160 points or above















 New Zealand follows a systematic and point based visa program to invite skilled and qualified workers to come and settle in the country on permanent basis. The points are calculated for age, educational qualification, work experience, job-offer letter, and known connection etc. The minimum points required to become eligible for New Zealand PR is 100 points. However, the applicants are invited at 160 points.

The next New Zealand EOI Skill Select result is expected to be out on 15th June 2019

For further information related to New Zealand PR chances and eligibility requirements it is suggested to fill the New Zealand Immigration Assessment form. One of the experts will contact you soon to discuss New Zealand PR query.

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