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Reopening Of The Skilled Migrant Category

Reopening Of The Skilled Migrant Category

When will we choose interest expressions for the skilled immigrant category resident visa?

On November 9, 2022, the selection of EOIs for the Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa will begin again. Future modifications to the Skilled Migrant Category's long-term course may result from the review.

You have the option to either continue with or withdraw a previous EOI. You can ask for a refund if you withdraw your EOI before it is chosen.

Before November 9th, 2022, make sure all of your information is accurate and update any additional information if you decide to proceed. Any additional points are also yours to claim.


We will choose every EOI with at least 160 points on November 9, 2022. To be chosen to start on January 18, 2023, EOIs must score at least 180 points.

Before the selection process begins, you must make sure your EOI is current.

Bring your SMC expression of interest up to date.

You can revoke your EOI.

If your EOI has been chosen, you may choose to withdraw it at any time, but you will not receive a refund. This is so that the expense of evaluating your EOI is covered by the amount you pay.

Get the New Zealand assessment form

You can ask for a refund if you cancel before the 9 November 2022 selection period starts.

You must fill out and send us a customer refund request form in order to withdraw.

How to make a refund request

Selecting a candidate

We will verify your EOI before we begin the selection process to make sure you receive the appropriate number of points for your age, experience, employment, and qualifications.

You will be given the opportunity to apply for a Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa if you reach the required number of points.


There will likely be a significant number of EOIs for the first election in November. Since we are still going over the initial choices, you might have to wait to hear from us.

Before May 9, 2022, EOIs must be submitted. Those that are not invited to apply will expire and will not be reselected.

When an EOI for the Skilled Migrant Category expires

Application invitations

If you receive an invitation to file an application for a Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa, you will have four months to do so.

Online submissions are accepted.

When you submit your application, you should have all of your information and supporting documentation available. When submitting your application, check the form's file size restrictions to ensure that the files you have aren't too large to upload.

File types for submitting photos and documents

You must provide the following documents:

  1. a picture of each person listed in your application, as well as one of yourself.
  2. copies of your passport and the passports of each applicant listed below. Embrace the page with the picture and the information on it.
  3. Police clearances for you and any family members who are at least 17 years old. Include citizenship documents from any nation you or a member of your family have lived in for longer than a year.

Who is required to present police credentials? You might additionally need to provide

Your EOI;

  1. Employment records
  2. Documentation of your or your partner's credentials
  3. Proof of your partner's and your own professional experience.
  4. A timeline and any supporting materials regarding your collaboration.
  5. Documentation proving the parent-child relationship for any dependent children you listed on this application, such as a birth certificate.
  6. A form signed by the Employer Supplementary (INZ1235).
  7. A completed Resident Visa Declaration form (INZ1242), if you need assistance filling it out or if you're applying on behalf of a partner or kids who are over 18 years old.
  8. The Additional Dependants for Residence in New Zealand form was properly filled out (INZ1001).

When you submit the online form, you must pay the application fees.

If we require additional information or documents, we will get in touch with you.

Choosing times

The selection process must continue.

On November 9, 2022, the first pick will be made. There will be a selection of all EOIs with at least 160 points.

The second choice will be made on January 18, 2023. There will be a selection of all EOIs with at least 180 points.

Selections will take place every month, on the third Wednesday, beginning on 18 January 2022. There will be a selection of all EOIs with at least 180 points.

Consultation regarding upcoming changes

Regarding the long-term orientation of the Skilled Migrant Category, the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment is conducting consultations.

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