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Pathways To Settling In New Zealand Are Now Available

Pathways To Settling In New Zealand Are Now Available

Applications for the Green List Direct Pathway to Residency are now being accepted. 

The simplified route will assist in addressing shortages in highly skilled fields.

Confirmation of the refugee quota for this year, which includes increases in places designated for international refugees from the Middle East and Africa as well as emergency/urgent resettlement places.

The number of spaces specially designated for Afghan refugees has been increased, and 200 spots will be given out in 2022–2023.

According to Immigration Minister Michael Wood, the government is delivering on its pledge to create a responsive and efficient immigration system that will help alleviate labor shortages and offer significant humanitarian assistance.

As of right now, qualified foreign nationals on the Straight to Residence pathway who have a job or a job offer in a particular position are entitled to apply for residence both domestically and abroad.

According to Michael Wood, "the Straight to Residence pathway provides an incentive for migrants who have talents in nationally significant, hard-to-fill sectors that New Zealand needs to accelerate our economic growth."

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"This new course gives extra confirmation to imminent migrants including specialists, engineers, laborers in the structure and framework area, and IT trained professionals." Employers now have an easier time attracting and hiring candidates who can help fill gaps in these highly skilled fields.

"This is one of three new residency courses that the public authority has laid out as a feature of its movement rebalancing methodology. After completing 24 months of respectable employment in New Zealand, skilled immigrants on the "Work to Residence" and "Highly Paid" resident pathways will be eligible to apply to start on September 29, 2023, according to Michael Wood.

The Government has additionally verified specifics for the Refugee Quota Program's upcoming three years, including the make-up of the 2022–2023 quota.

According to Michael Wood, "The Refugee Quota Programme is a reflection of New Zealand's commitment to international humanitarian obligations to give refuge to those who are unable to return safely to their home country."

"The program is working ready for action and will every year resettle 1,500 displaced people."

To make sure we are the best meeting the resettlement needs of each region, this year, the proportion of spaces allotted to three of the four regions is shifting. For instance, we boosted from 15% to 20% the proportion of places designated for refugees in the Middle East and Africa, respectively.

"Given the vast scope and protracted nature of the Syrian refugee crisis and the coordinated international resettlement efforts, 200 spaces will be allotted to relocate Syrian refugees, including the Kurdish minority, who are currently residing in Iraq, Jordan, and Lebanon.

"We are particularly glad to be able to bring forward the 200 places specially designated for Afghan refugees as a result of the Taliban takeover in 2021 to 200 places for the 2022–2023 period, increasing the number of emergency and urgent resettlement places for the quota from 35 to 100.

"As a feature of the Quota's worldwide designations, Afghan evacuees may likewise be considered for resettlement in New Zealand notwithstanding these objections.

According to Michael Wood, "these improvements guarantee that the program stays responsive to the protection needs of refugees coming to New Zealand."

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