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New Zealand Parent and Grandparent Visitor Visa Updates

A brief update on the visitor visa applications for parents and grandparents from August 1 to September 21

For customers whose applications for parent and grandparent visitor visas were submitted between 1 August and 21 September but have not moved through the Immigration Online platform as planned, we are executing a one-time change.

These applications did not advance due to requests for medical information. For certain customers, an interim measure has now been implemented in order to process their applications as swiftly as feasible.

With comparable travel restrictions to the Parent and Grandparent Visitor Visa, these applications will now be handled as General Visitor Visas. This is a one-time adjustment that will help us process these applications more quickly. If successful, applicants will soon be able to visit New Zealand after receiving a visa approval.

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Customers who are impacted by this are now being notified, and when they go into Immigration Online, their application status can read "lapsed." They don't have to take any action. This is a modification that will help this visa applications move forward.

Applications submitted after September 22 are unaffected.

The good news is that this will only happen once, making it possible for the relevant agencies to process the applications more quickly. You can schedule a free consultation with us if you are one of the impacted consumers to learn more. Your application's "lapsed" status is expected, but you don't need to take any additional action.

What are the requirements for New Zealand Parent and Grandparent Visitor Visa?

Identity - You must present identification.

  1. If you apply online, 1 acceptable photo; if you apply on paper, 2 acceptable photos.
  2. Your passport or identity document.


Provide your passport in its original form or a certified copy if you submit your application on paper. If you give us a copy of your actual passport, we can typically process your application more quickly.

A copy of your passport must be uploaded if you are applying online. Following your application, we will inform you if your passport needs to be sent.


As evidence of your good health, you might need to have a chest x-ray, a physical examination, or both.

Good character

Police certifications could be requested as evidence of your moral character.

You must present police certificates from any nation you are a citizen of, as well as any nation you have lived in for more than five years after turning 17 if you are over 17 and intend to live in New Zealand for more than 24 months (including any time you have already spent there).

If you previously submitted police certificates with a visa application and they were issued within the last 24 months, you are exempt from providing them.

Actual Intentions

We take into account all the following data when determining if your intentions are sincere (bona fide):

  1. You offer to bolster your application.
  2. We know your specific situation, and
  3. Information you previously gave on applications.


You must be sponsored by your Grandchild, child, or parent who is residing there. Your Sponsor must be a  New Zealand Permanent Resident or New Zealand Citizen.

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