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New Zealand immigration modifications: The Green List Dec.12, 2022

Jacinda Ardern, the prime minister, and Michael Wood, the immigration minister, made several reforms to immigration policies.

Green List

Straight to Residence Pathways

Beginning December 15, 2022, registered nurses and midwives will change their pathway to the Green List from Work to Residence to Straight to Residence. In the Straight to Home program, all physicians will be included.

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The Straight to Residence Green List track will include auditors starting in March 2023.

A pathway from Work to Home

The following occupations will be included in the Work to Residence Green List pathway starting in March 2023, it was also revealed.

  1. Civil construction supervisors
  2. Gasfitters
  3. Drainlayers
  4. Skilled crane operators
  5. Skilled civil machine operators
  6. Halal slaughterers
  7. Skilled motor mechanics
  8. Skilled telecommunications technicians
  9. All secondary school teachers (in addition to the specializations already on the Green List)
  10. Primary school teachers

The Green List's next review is scheduled for mid-2023.

Open Work Visas in 2020–2021 for Those Unable to Use Post-Study Visas

Those who have Post Study Work Visas but were unfit to use them because of the border check in March 2020 will be eligible for a 12- month Open Work Visa if they aren't formerly in New Zealand on another visa.

Ways to continue in the same position while holding a Critical Purpose Visitor Visa

Long-term critical workers will be suitable to apply for a simplified Specific Purpose Work Visa that will enable them to continue working for over to three years in their living position.

The operation process will be simplified, so all that's needed in terms of employment-related information is a letter from the aspirant's employer attesting to the fact that they're still employed in the same capacity and under the same (or better) terms as those quested in the Critical Purpose Visitor Visa operation.

Eligibility requirements for the straight to the residence

The Straight to Residence, Work to Residence, Highly Paid Residence, and Care Workforce Work to Residence Visas all have general application requirements.

If you meet the following criteria when you apply for a resident visa: 

  1. you are 55 years of age or younger; 
  2. you, your partner, and any dependent children who are 16 or older meet the English language requirements.


You can apply right away for a straight-to-residence visa. Beginning in September 2023, you can submit applications for the work-to-residence visa, highly paid residence visa, and care workforce work-to-residence visa. Soon, further details will be published regarding the requirements, restrictions, and application deadlines for these visas.

You (and any family members, if applicable) must nonetheless meet the health and character standards for residence, regardless of whether you have an accredited employer work visa or another type of work visa.

Straight to Residence Visa

You can apply for this visa right now if you are qualified. You have two options for applying: either from outside of New Zealand or while there on a work visa.