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New Zealand Border Is Being Reopened - Aptechvisa

New Zealand Border Is Being Reopened - Aptechvisa

The international border is gradually reopening to allow eligible visitors into New Zealand.

Who can now visit New Zealand?

If you are in the following categories, you can travel to New Zealand right now:

• A citizen of New Zealand

• A permanent resident of New Zealand or a holder of a resident visa in New Zealand

• You are the partner or dependent child of a New Zealand citizen or resident and have a visa based on your relationship

• A permanent residence visa holder or an Australian citizen

• A visitor on a working holiday visa

• You're on a work visa and still meet the requirements

• You are a student visa holder who still meets the visa requirements

Later in 2022, you'll be able to enter New Zealand.

1 May 2022,

The border opens to you as part of step 3 if you are:

• a visa-exempt traveler

• possessing a valid visitor visa (onshore and offshore).

If you are in New Zealand on a visitor visa, you can leave at any moment and return as long as your visa terms allow.

If you are traveling on a visa waiver, you must have a valid New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority unless you are a visitor who does not require one.

• Someone who had a compelling reason to go and was granted a visa to circumvent border constraints.

• A traveler on a transit visa.

If their visa terms allow, holders of work, working holiday and student visas can leave and return to New Zealand.

Beginning in July 2022,

Step 4 will see New Zealand's borders open to holders of Accredited Employer Work Visas (AEWV).

Starting in October 2022,

The border reopens as part of step 5, and normal visa processing continues for all visa types. Unless the visa is closed or paused, this includes visitor and student visas.

Exceptions at the border will be phased out.

Applications for temporary visas

Most temporary visa applications from people outside of New Zealand have been halted.

Applications for the following offshore temporary entry class visas are still being accepted:

• Visa applications made by people who have been requested to apply because they have a critical purpose for being in New Zealand

• Visas for diplomatic, consular, and official officials and their accompanying dependants

• Visitor Visas for Antarctica and Work Visas for Antarctica

• RSE Limited Visas (Recognised Seasonal Employer).

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