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Changes Assist In Reuniting More Refugee Families

Changes Assist In Reuniting More Refugee Families

To enhance the system and support for refugee family reunions, the government has approved amendments to the Refugee Family Support Category (RFSC).

More of our New Zealand-based refugees will be able to be reunited with families as of July 1 thanks to a doubling of the number of slots available each year under the RFSC from 300 to 600.

To make reuniting families in New Zealand less expensive, related RSFC fees are being eliminated. This comprises the application price, the registration charge for sponsorships, and the immigration levy.

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Beginning on July 1, Immigration New Zealand (INZ) will organize and pay for medical examinations, arrange for successful applicants' trips to New Zealand, and arrange and pay for any necessary flights. Costs that have already been paid will regrettably not be repaid.

Sponsors and their families are receiving a variety of additional supports to help with settling into their new country. RFSC families will also have access to a Community Orientation program and one of our refugee resettlement providers for assistance with housing and settlement preparation.

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