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Get Manitoba Immigration Rules 2021 in Detail

Manitoba is a unique province for many foreign migrants as the permanent resident destination. It has many opportunities for the right candidates who are eager to improve their lives. Please note that the Manitoba Province has a labour shortage currently at the moment and it needs approximately 20,000 skilled workers by the year 2021. Thus, as a skilled migrant, it is an ideal time for you to apply for Manitoba Immigration Nominee Program. There are different pathways for the foreign nations to gain permanent residency through the  easiest provincial nominee program Canada.

 Manitoba PNP Assessment Form

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program in collaboration with the government of Manitoba invites eligible applicants for provincial nomination. Those candidates who can contribute towards the Manitoba's economic growth are invited by the province. It was first launched in 1998 after those more than 130,000 candidates arrived through Manitoba PNP within the first two decades of the program. However, there is still in demand for thousands of skilled workers in the province check out  Manitoba PNP occupation list 2021.

Manitoba Issued A Total Of 243 Invitations To Expression Of Interest Candidates In The Latest Draw Held On April 8, 2021

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To apply for Manitoba PNP you must make sure to meet any of three eligibility programs offered by the province. Here is a general lay down of the programs:

  • Skilled Workers

If you are a skilled worker applying through this category, submit an Expression of Interest that asks a series of questions for eligible candidates to answer. The entire process is online and no documentation is submitted before submitting the profile into the ‘Expression of Interest' pool. The selected candidates receive a score based on the answers mentioned on EOI. The highest-ranking applicant is invited to apply through regular EOI draws.

There are two programs under-skilled workers category namely:

  • Skilled Workers in Manitoba

As the name suggests, you must be a qualified worker with proper authorization currently working in Manitoba and have been offered a valid job offer in a full-time and permanent position from a Manitoba employer. Applicants applying through this category do not require going through a detailed point-based Manitoba immigration system.

  • Skilled Workers Overseas

Skilled Workers Overseas pathway is specifically designed for the foreign workers willing to settle in the province permanently. A point-based system is followed to accurately assess the applicant. The candidates with a strong foreign connection in the Manitoba province are invited to apply. Manitoba PNP Eligibility A minimum passing score of 60 points out of 100 on Manitoba point assessment grid is required to become eligible. The points are calculated for age, education qualification, work experience, language ability, and adaptability factors.

The Skilled Workers Overseas category stream is further divided into:

  • Express Entry Program

The Express Entry stream for Manitoba was first launched in 2018 paving way for a selected candidate already in the Express Entry pool to be nominated for permanent residence. The selected candidates are given 600 additional points towards overall CRS score. Additionally, the other requirement is your job must be listed on the  Manitoba Skilled Worker Occupation List. The list mentions those occupations that are required by the province to fill the labour shortage. This list is an important factor of different pathways and is regularly updated based on labour requirement for the province. The applicants who have their occupation listed on the Manitoba Skilled Worker Occupation List will be prioritized during the latest  Manitoba PNP draws.

So, to become eligible for the  Manitoba immigration fee you must meet the eligibility conditions of any two programs mentioned above. The candidates with a valid job offer or known connection in the province are eligible to apply. Manitoba PNP Fees Applicants need to include a $2,500 nonrefundable application processing fee. Also, the candidates should have CAD 10,000 as a settlement fund requirement. Additionally, for every extra person, $2,000 should be added as a settlement proof.

- What is the IELTS requirement for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program?

Manitoba is one of the easiest provinces offering a permanent residency with lowest IELTS requirement as well. The minimum language requirement for IELTS is approximately 5 bands in four sections of IELTS segments- reading, writing, listening and speaking. Therefore, this is one of the provinces that do not pay much heed to the language assessment.

Practice using IELTS language material for MPNP

Well, if everything is done and dusted from your side, now wait for the Manitoba PNP draw that is conducted at regular intervals to invite skilled and qualified workers. The draws invite migrants across various streams with the different cut-off score. The Provincial Nomination from Manitoba PNP enables an applicant 600 additional points that further increase the immigration chances for direct express entry.

 Manitoba Assessment Form

 Check out the latest Manitoba PNP draw conducted so far in 2021 here!

However, after getting Letters of Advice to apply through MPNP officials, the work is not over yet because the important part is still under-process that will lead to successful immigration chances. It is none other than  Manitoba PNP document checklist. Any mistake or incomplete submission of the documents will result in the cancellation or visa rejection by the Manitoba province straightaway. So, get ready with the full, honest and complete list of documents that are required by the immigration authorities of the beautiful province.

The General Manitoba PNP document checklists that a potential migrant must prepare are:

  • Valid original passports.
  • Educational Qualification proof.
  • Language Assessment proof (IELTS Test copy).
  • Employer reference letters .
  • Proof of known connection in the province .
  • Health and Character Certificates.
  • Any other document raised by the department .
  • Proof of fund-settlement .

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