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Manitoba PNP Processing Time 2020

Manitoba is one of the provinces that have fastest PR processing timing. The general Manitoba PR processing time for most cases is 4 months. On a whole, the average PR processing of the application takes around 12 to 15 months.

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The MPNP implemented a backlog reduction strategy in 2017. The backlog included applications received before the Expression of Interest (EOI) system was put into place as well as more recently submitted applications that exceeded a 6-month processing time. The table below includes applications from the backlog as well as applications received after the EOI system was introduced.

processing time
Processing Times from submission to decision date Months
Skilled Worker in Manitoba 4.2
Skilled Worker Overseas 7.8
Business 5.5

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General Frequently Asked Questions

May I Relocate / Change My Province After I Arrive in Manitoba Under Manitoba PNP?

You may do so only with the approval of the Manitoba immigration Office. You will be required to contact the Office for counselling and guidance as soon as you think you may have difficulty fulfilling, and/or need to change, your province.

If I am Advised to Apply for Nomination, Will I Automatically be Nominated by Manitoba?

Receiving a Letter of Advice to Apply does not guarantee that the MPNP-B will issue a Nomination Certificate. The MPNP-B bases its decision on many factors in addition to the minimum net worth and management experience criteria.

What Happens to my Application If I do not Provide a Response to a PAN Within the Specified Period?

If you do not respond to the Preliminary Assessment Notice (PAN) within the specified time frame, your application will be assessed based on the information currently available. If the MPNP-B’s concerns outlined in the PAN remain outstanding, your application could be recommended for refusal.

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