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Manitoba PNP Latest Draw

The province of Manitoba conduct draws on a regular basis say 15 to 25 times each year. The MPNP issues Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA) to the highest-scoring candidates from the pool. The latest 86th EOI draw was conducted on 26 March 2020 under various MPNP stream. In this current draw, a total of 226 LAAs were given out of which 29 LAAs were given to international skilled overseas applicants with EOI 714 and above. Skilled Workers in Manitoba issued 168 LAAs with EOI 496 and other 20 LAAs were issued under International Education Stream.

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Do you know Manitoba approved 5004 Nomination applications in the year of 2017? The table below shows all the ITAs issued for Manitoba immigration through Manitoba PNP. Click here to know  Manitoba PNP old draw

Manitoba PNP Released #86 EOI Draw With Issuing 226 Invitations On 26 March 2020

manitoba draw

Manitoba Draws In :-

Draw Year 2020
March - 2020
Draw Year 2019
November - 2019
Draw Year 2018
December - 2018
Draw Year 2017
December - 2017

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Fact About Manitoba Draws:-

Do you know? In the year 2017, Philippines, India, Eritrea, Syria and China ranked among the top five source countries for immigrants to Manitoba, representing 61.1 percent of all immigrants.

In the year 2018 Manitoba received 8,943 total EOI applications, where only 5,044 applicants were invited to apply PR visa under  Manitoba PNP and other 2981 applications were declined / rejected due to errors in application and 383 applications were black listed due misrepresentation and 535 application could not processed because quota reached.

MANITOBA PNP EOI (expression of Interest)

An Expression of Interest is the way in which people, who want to migrate to Manitoba under the Manitoba PNP, notify immigration Manitoba of that desire. An Expression of Interest (EOI) is the first step for candidates interested in becoming permanent residents in Manitoba. Each candidate who successfully submits an Expression of Interest will be given a score by the EOI Ranking system,

Please note:- submission Manitoba PNP EOI does not guarantee a person will be approved by the MPNP. They still have to submit a full application which will undergo a full assessment before a final decision is made.It is suggested to take consultation from our experts to know the latest Canada PR status. find latest  Manitoba Occupations in Demand with NOC code.

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General Frequently Asked Questions

Can The Immigration Authorities Refuse My Application?

  • Yes, A surprisingly large number of applicants are unaware how strictly the immigration regulations are enforced and how often applications are refused or delayed due to technical errors on their application due to wrong supporting documentation. So the moral of the story is, seek the professional guidance and independent advice of a migration consultant before lodging a visa application.
  • Migration Agents help you to find the best way through the immigration maze and are highly effective in doing so. “ A doctor should do a doctors work”

Can I Still Apply To MPNP If I have Been Refused Under an Immigration Program of Another Province?

Yes you can still apply. However, you will be required to advise the MPNP if an application has been made previously to another Provincial or Federal immigration program. You are required to advise the MPNP of the results of that application including copies of any correspondence such as a letter of refusal. The application should contain sufficient information to allow the MPNP to evaluate why the factors for refusal in the other Provincial or Federal programs do not apply to the application to Manitoba.

I Conduct Most of my Business Activities on a Cash Basis. What Documentation do I Need to Supply to Support my Income?

In some situations, an applicant may be involved in a business where transactions mostly occur on a cash basis. The financial statements, business bank accounts and/or tax payment records may not support the activity level of the business. Unsupported declarations about the scope and size of the business are not sufficient. It is your responsibility to present sufficient credible documentation to demonstrate your source of income and funds.

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