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Manitoba PNP Document Checklist

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program requires applicants to submit relevant documents in support of their application for immigration to Manitoba. Proper documentation is essential for validating the Canada PR application. You must not take documentation arrangement lightly because a special attention is required to be given to this aspect of immigration application as without correct submission of documentations, no application will be accepted.

Many applicants are often in dilemma about which documents to attach with their application for Manitoba Immigrant Nominee Program. There are many various immigration programs that ask for different documentation. Thus, you must make sure to furnish the required documents as and when required by the visa and immigration department.

manitoba checklist

The General Document Checklist for Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program Includes:

  • Copy of the personal details page in your valid passport.
  • Marriage Certificate (if any)
  • Valid Passport and travel related documents
  • Evidence of tertiary qualifications.
  • Details of English test result, if applicable.
  • Employment Experience Information
  • Details of financial capacity
  • Evidence if claiming partner skills points or community language points.
  • Health and Character Certificates
  • Evidence of family relationship
  • Full curriculum vitae/resume.
  • Evidence to support all points-related claims that you make in your application.
  • Any other document as and when required by the immigration department

Additionally, the immigration department of Manitoba also checks your ability to successfully settle down in Manitoba. For this, you are required to show certain documents that will substantiate your residency proof.

For more information on our program please call to our experts at 7503832132 today!

Please note that it is said time and again that documents plays a crucial role in receiving Canadian Permanent Residence, if you fail to provide any single document you may have to face the consequences. If you wish to avoid any such problem, connect with our visa and immigration experts by filling the free assessment form.

General Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Start to Dispose of My Assets After I Get Nominated by Manitoba and Before Getting my Permanent Resident Visa?

Do not quit your job or dispose of any assets until Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada has provided you with a Permanent Resident Visa.

If I Obtain a Letter of Advice to Apply From Your Office, will I be Guaranteed a Permanent Resident Visa to Come to Canada?

No. The MPNP will extend letters of advice to the EOI candidates who have the potential to qualify for the MPNP. Applicants must meet all requirements of the MPNP stream they have applied for and the Federal Government’s Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship to obtain a Permanent Resident Visa.

How Much Net Worth Must I Have, to Qualify as a Business Immigrant Under the MPNP-B?

Business immigrants are required to have a legally earned or obtained net worth of at least CDN$350,000.

How Much Does the MPNP-B Require me to Invest in Manitoba?

The amount of investment you make in Manitoba will be dictated by the type of business you establish, what size it is, whether it will be a new business or an existing business, or an existing business in which you become an active partner. Depending on the size of the business, the investment may be in the hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. However, the investment amount must not, under any circumstances, be lower than CDN$150,000. This does not include the CDN $100,000 deposit.

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