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What Is In Store For The Migrants In The Regional Areas Of Australia?

Tue, Oct 16 2018

What Is In Store For The Migrants In The Regional Areas Of Australia?

The Australian Immigration Department has been overboard with the news of recent migration plans for the regional areas. As per the latest reports, the migrants will be asked to live and work in the regional areas for up to 5 years. This immigration plan is expected to be out soon to lease the burden off populated cities like Melbourne and Sydney.

Mandatory Regional Settlement Plan

The Australian government has logic behind settling the migrants in the regional area for up to 5 years and that is the migrants will not think of moving out of the state because of the compulsion in staying at the state.

It is also been seen that if a migrant is staying for too long in the state will actually make a connection with the community, people and the job market this will eventually make life more happening and easy for the migrants. If the migrant decides to move out of the province and settle in the new one, he/she will have to make new connections all over again.

Will Regional Settlement benefits migrants in the long run?

The immigration department of Australia has been tightening the immigration policies and rules to help the migrants in the regional area and lessen the congestion in the populated areas of Australia that has limited the professional opportunities, infrastructure facilities, healthcare services etc.

Though, the regional areas are in need of skilled and qualified workers to come and settle in the regions on permanent basis. The workers are required in these areas to contribute towards the growing economy of the country. The applicants applying for the regional areas will have the same job opportunities in the regional area. In terms of regional immigration rules and procedures the regional area is easy to live and work.

Apply to Live and Work in Regional Area of Australia

Benefits to the immigrants moving regional areas

The migrants planning to move in regional areas are up in for great incentives and surprise by the immigration department of Australia. Also, some of the states are planning to bring more incentives for the existing and upcoming migrants in Australia cities.

To apply for permanent residency of Australia as skill migrant, you have the option to apply for permanent residency through General Skill Migration Programs.

The most popular visa programs are Australia Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 18, Australia State Sponsored Visa Subclass 190, and Australia Skilled Regional Provisional Visa Subclass 489.

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