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What comes next in the coming months for Australia Regional Migration Plan?

Fri, Oct 26 2018

What comes next in the coming months for Australia Regional Migration Plan?

Australia nowadays is only focusing on migration policies for the migrants and the Ministerial Department is Rowling over in deciding the migration plan for some time now.

The clashes between the different parties in Australia are creating more trouble for the migration plans to set up. The latest being The Labour Party demanding the federal government to provide the specific details about its plan to manage population policy by redirecting up to 45% of skilled migrants to regional Australia.

The party recently announced its commitment transport migrants into rural areas; lead by Alan Tudge, the Minister for Cities. Though, the reports suggest that the Federal Government has failed to finalize the approach of Migration Plan.

As per the government sources, the policy is still being developed and has yet to get an approval from the cabinet. Some questions have also been come into limelight about logistically implementing these conditions to the skilled visa program.

The Population Minister, Alan Tudge refused to comment on the visa categories that are being targeted by their government when questioned by the media.

Tudge said, “The key issue here is the distribution of the growth rather than the growth number.” He further added, “If we had a better distribution of the growth, we wouldn’t have quite the same pressure that we have on Melbourne and Sydney and South-east Queensland.”

However, the proposed policies have failed to prove in the Australian parliament, with labor senator Jenny McAllister says that the new policy requires concrete details before the community can decide whether it is worth supporting or not.

McAllisters added, “It’s not really a plan. This is just a sort of generalized discussion.”

Critics have also cross-questioned the Scott Morrison speech at the time of opposition when he dubbed the idea of sending migrants to regional areas as “false hope”.

Morrison said, “Of those who are coming into the country, less than 10 per cent of them currently go out and settle in regional areas and rural areas.”

“So to hold out some false hope that this problem is going to be solved because a population minister is going to fantastically move people around like has never been done in our history is I think unfair to the Australian people. The history of settlement over centuries is that people will come and they will gravitate to areas where there’s population,” he said.

The immigration experts have also questioned the government’s plan to redirect geographic migration at the federal level. They say that instead of putting migrants in regional areas, a better “locally-led migration scheme” would be significantly more effective.

According to the CEO of Regional Australia Institute, Jack Archer, the idea of “forcing people who want to be in cities to go the regions” misses the point entirely.

Focusing on this issue more, Archer added, “We have national skills lists that don’t exactly meet or reflect what a region needs. We have big capital city labour markets and then we have regional labour markets, which are different mixes of skills and needs.”

Thus, if the government starts placing the restrictions on people’s movements then this could impact the fantastic migration scheme that Australia has, which is world renowned, demand driven and evidence based.

Australia regional areas are facing labour crunch and are hopeful of government helping them in inviting migrants to the areas that facing population shortage.

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