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Western Australia Requires “Chefs” Urgently For Skill Migration 2019

Thu, Jun 20 2019

Western Australia Requires “Chefs” Urgently For Skill Migration 2019

Western Australia is in urgent shortage of chefs, with two few cooks to fill vacancies at restaurants, cafes and bistros. The new figures from the Federal Government’s Department of Jobs and Small Business show only two in every five chef vacancies have been filled so far.

The lack of skill migration visa shortage is to be blamed for in-occupancy of chefs. The Federal Government crackdown on 457 visa and lack if incentives for restaurant owners to take on apprentices, and the State Government’s decision to tear up the list that fast-tracked overseas workers to Western Australia.

Tourism Minister Paul Papalia said that this is “a matter of urgency” and will be surely placed in the front of cabinet. The Minister further added that there was an “issue of attracting and retaining skilled staff in the hospitality industry, particularly chefs.”

“Within the next three years we will need an additional 3,000 cooks and chefs, but based on current number of apprenticeships in the system, we will only have another 60 chefs a year, “said, Iain McDougall, the general manager of Hospitality Group Training.

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This means for short duration the visa restrictions must be relax for overseas chefs. In the long term the focus must be on training. New South Wales and Victoria are doing fee-free training but in WA it costs an employer $6000 over three years to take on an apprentice.

The Australian Hotels Association (AHA) said the “dire” chef shortage was so bad in the city that it could force some eateries to close in coming years.

“The amalgamation of low apprenticeship completion rate and tightened skilled migration program has left the industry without the necessary pipeline of chefs and cooks,” AHA WA chief executive Bradley Wood said.

Tourism WA to attract the chefs in the city is working closely with Hospitality Group Training on a two-year program encouraging students to enter the profession and become chefs.

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