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WA Offers Pathway To Attract International Students For Skilled Migration

Fri, Aug 17 2018
WA Offers Pathway To Attract International Students For Skilled Migration

Western Australia is turning no page unturned to attract the best and brightest international students attending WA’s universities by offering a pathway to skilled migration.

Western Australia is planning to introduce a new Occupation list for graduates to offer a skilled migration pathway for high-achieving international students to attract the bright students to come and settle in Western Australia on a permanent basis.

The state feels that attracting international students boosts the economy and helps creates jobs for Western Australians.

An additional Graduate Skilled Migration List will be introduced to attract the best global talent with the advanced qualifications, skills and experience to help Western Australia’s share of international student market grow.

A government released stated that the state will give high achieving education graduates- PhD, Masters, Honours and other higher degree graduates- a pathway to skilled migration.

The skilled migration under State Nominated Migration Program will give priority consideration to the international students graduating from Western Australia universities.

These changes will help attract high-quality international students to help grow the share of the international educational market.

The current skilled migration list of Western Australia would not be affected, with the policy of not including occupations such as bricklayers, electricians and mechanics remaining in place.

Check for the updated Occupation Demand List for Australia

The spokesperson for Western Australia added, “We need to send a message to the world that we welcome international students, and their friends and families. Perth is an attractive, supportive destination to live, study and work.”

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