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Vision to Australia, ways you can migrate regional areas!!

Fri, Oct 18 2019

Vision to Australia, ways you can migrate regional areas!!

The minister of Federal Population, Minister of Cities and Urban Infrastructure, Alan Tudge, has announced a revised population plan for Australia. One of its key pillars behind the new plan is to motivate and inspire the new immigrants to move about to regional areas rather than to settle in crowded cities of Australia.

The plan seeks to put some incentives that include regional Visas, with the objective of sustaining growth of Regional areas through immigration. With the ever-increasing migration, there’s no doubt, it will be beneficial to regional and rural areas economically and it also stimulates a community or population.

With the following key factors Australia can make migration work for its regional areas successfully:-

  • To encourage each of local government area to build up a strategic vision with the help of community consultation about how they wish the region to look like in next 5, 10 and 20 years from now. Through this, it will aid the Government a clear thought about the number of people to be needed within the region and whether the planned and existing facilities are able to maintain that number. Now you can apply for designated areas of Australia the new 491 visa introduced. 

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  • It is to be ensured that the local community should be knowledgeable about new arrivals and allowing them to tell their questions, voice and other concerns. It is also to be encouraged to welcome the new arrivals into their schools, events and clubs by planning new and unique opportunities for them.
  • To understand that whether some support to be needed to the new immigrants by the Government. Also, it is necessary to inculcate a sense of belongingness in them as Australia is known as a truly and outgoing, particularly in rural and regional areas. This is one of the major contributions of making the successful regional migration plan.
  • To provide the Job opportunities to new immigrants for sustaining of regional migration. For this, the regional employers should motivate to include the new arrivals within their team and giving them required tools and guidance for succeeding.
  • To provide them housing facility this seems as a major factor to become the regional migration successful. With no housing availability but has jobs opportunities will usually not be able to carry on the regional migration. For this, the Government should incentivize the growth and development of residential in rural and regional areas.
  • To become the regional migration successful, the community and social consistency is the crucial factor. So that, migration is to be continued and will be advantageous to one and all.
  • To celebrate the Culture and Customs of new immigrants in Australia as they seems not as a homogenous. It is their diversity making such a magnificent and distinctive place. To learn about the others culture by locals and new arrival will be supported in Australia.

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