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Visa Laws Relaxed To Combat Pilot Shortage In Australia

Thu, Jan 11 2018

Visa Laws Relaxed To Combat Pilot Shortage In Australia

Australia will relax visa laws to attract foreign flyers. The shortage of foreign pilots have led regional aviation association to allow foreign pilots in Australia on working visas.

The occupations eligible for foreign worker visas were slashed during a government shake-up in April but after seeing the national shortage, they will once again grant access.

Immigration minister Peter Dutton has confirmed the change to the organizations which are recommending to change visa period from two to four years as told to Regional Aviation Association of Australia.

Chief executive Mike Higgins said, “In order to attract suitably senior pilots, who more than likely have a family growing up and so forth, we need to make it attractive enough for them to come across and uproot their family.” He further added, “A four year period seems to be a sweet spot.”

Higgins also mentioned that due to ‘trickle- down effect’ large Australian carriers like Etihad and Emirates are recruiting from Australian carriers, making them to hire from smaller regional airlines.

The opposition transport spokesperson Anthony Albanese reasoned the skill shortage as ‘indictment of the failure’ of the current government’s handling of Australia’s aviation industry.

He also said, “Australia should not only be able to produce enough skilled pilots to service our domestic industry, we should also have the capacity to train pilots for all around the world as an export industry to benefit our national economy.”

Acknowledging the pilot shortage by the federal liberal senator Concetta Fierravanti also blamed the previous labor government for the longstanding problem.

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