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Victoria calls International Skilled Workers for Australia PR

Thu, Jul 05 2018

Victoria calls International Skilled Workers for Australia PR

Victoria has opened its nomination for Australian Permanent Residency under Australia Skilled Nominated Visa 190 and Australia Skilled Regional Provisional Visa  489. Victoria aims to bring in highly skilled and qualified International skilled workers who can contribute towards their growing economy.

There is no change in the Victoria occupation list as of now, as quoted by SBS. However, a fresh application process will be applied to select occupations namely Nursing, Engineering and Building. This will be almost same like the process for ICT Occupations.

As per the new process, the applicants need to select Victoria as the state and file an EOI. The next stage will be to undergo the process of EOI. If the Victorian government likes your profile that is matching to Victoria requirements, an applicant will receive an e-mail from Victoria to apply for the state sponsorship.

Am Eligible to Apply for Victoria Nomination Program?

The application must be filed online for the sponsorship within 2 weeks

The occupational list for the nomination of Australia PR is developed after extensive research and consultation with the industry to know in-demand labour requirement.

The SOLs of Victoria is also recognised by the Department of Home Affairs through the state migration agreement with Victoria. There are few occupations that are listed on Victoria occupation list for state nominations.

Therefore, if you are planning to migrate to Australia and Victoria is your immigration option, check your eligibility now.

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