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United Kingdom might adopt Australia Immigration Points System

Sat, Jun 29 2019

United Kingdom might adopt Australia Immigration Points System

United Kingdom might base their immigration system on the basis of Australia Immigration Points System, a proposal that was raised many times during the campaign to leave EU after the exit from European Union.

However, the details of exact UK-type system is still not clear and the final decision will be implemented by taking the government’s official Immigration advisory committee account. The UK government will see that just like Australia, will they also set overall net immigration target or not.

To get a brief idea, take a look at how Australia Immigration Points System works:

For permanent migration-as opposed to temporary work visas as one year program taken by Britons and others to work in skilled jobs. Australia on the other hand has a strict immigration level cap for skilled migration, family and humanitarian programs.

How Australia Immigration Points System does works?

It is also speculated that just like Australia Points System for skilled migrants, United Kingdom will also follow the similar point system for inviting skilled and qualified workers to their country. A point based visa and immigration system is followed to invite migrants where an applicant must score at least 65 immigration points out of 100 on Australia point assessment grid.

The Australia PR points system is calculated for:

  • Age
  • English Language Ability Skills
  • Work Experience
  • Educational Qualification
  • Other factors

Is Australia Point System worth accepting by other countries?

A point based criteria is unbiased and only focuses on the applicant’s skills and qualities. The highest ranking applicant is invited to apply irrespective of their age, caste, colour or creed. If you fulfill the requirements, the immigration department will invite to apply for permanent residency.

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