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UK New Plan For Migrants Under Points Based Immigration System

Mon, Jan 27 2020

UK New Plan For Migrants Under Points Based Immigration System

The UK Government is pushing a new Australia immigration system which it wants to place by the end of this year. Home secretary Priti Patel argued that Britain have to speed up with the introduction of new migration system. Also, the Government Source stated that there is a clear drive for skilled and talented workers from across the world to move to UK although there is a need to see a reduction in the number of unskilled workers to enter into UK.

Australia immigration System:

Migrants are generally looking to fill the occupations that are in demand in Australia. Candidates are given immigration points on the basis of various factors. These include their age, education, English language proficiency and amount of time worked in their sector. The Australia PR Points System is typically used for migrants from economic class rather than family migrants, international students or refugees.’

Calculate points using Australia PR Points System

How do the Australia immigration points work?

The basic eligibility under the “Skilled Independent” occupations in Australia is minimum 65 points. Applicants, falling between 25 and 32 years of age will automatically avail 30 points. On the other hand, applicant with having ‘Superior English’ will gain 20 points. If candidates have skilled Work Experience in Australia for 8 years will avail 20 points.

In Education, 20 points will be given for maximum PhD Education.

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