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To Attract Skilled Workers, UK Shifts Point system as same as Australia Immigration Points System

Posted on: Mon, Mar 02 2020

To Attract Skilled Workers, UK Shifts Point system as same as Australia Immigration Points System

The UK’s British Indian Home Minister Priti Patel has declared a point based immigration system with the aim of attracting the best individuals from around the world. This new Regime will be going to start from 1st January 2021 and it would aid STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) stream students and professional from India and china in order to get permanent residency visa faster.

This system is similar to Australia immigration system which allotted points according to specific skills, educational credentials, salaries and age profiles to competent skilled workers who seek for permanent residency. The UK system is to welcome change of students who seek for higher education and work opportunities.

Check your points using Australia Immigration Point System

A point based system for UK modeled like Canadian, New Zealand and Australian Immigration system will aid Indian students to study in UK with suitable career alternatives. Students will be provided with guidance to opt for available courses in their related field of study to fill skill scarcity within the country. This would help students to get jobs faster with earning a sufficient amount of income.

The average processing time to get permanent residence status under skilled point based system of Australia, Canada and New Zealand is less than one year. Some notable changes to UK immigration system rules positively promote and strengthen migration through attracting qualified skill talents.

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