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There Will be no Change in Australia Immigration Rate: Dutton

Thu, Apr 12 2018

There Will be no Change in Australia Immigration Rate: Dutton

Contrary to the previous reports of Australia’s Home Affairs Minister Tony Abbott proposal to slash immigration by 80,000 people, the immigration rates will not be reduced as per Tony Abbott. He has said that he never insisted on a decrease in Australia immigration rates. It was earlier reported that Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has rejected the request for immigration cuts.

The reports were carried by Australian media that Minister of DHA had proposed immigration cut which would have brought the current immigration levels to 110,000. The proposal was even supported by the then former deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce. But both the Australian PM and Scott Morrison were against the proposal, reported the Australian media.

In the meantime, after these reports were surfaced, Dutton has rebutted the claims about Australia immigration decreasing levels. He asserted that he supports the immigration approach.

Dutton clarified in the tweet that he is in favor of the existing immigration intake. He further elaborated about clarification made by him and the Australian PM. The Australian immigration is done keeping in mind the overall national interest. Dutton added that the immigration is done at par keeping the proportions of unskilled and skilled immigrants with former coalition government.

The call for stringent English Language requirement test was made by the Multicultural Affairs Minister, Alan Tudge. He said that there must be a universal language of the society to maintain social consistency. Todge further added that this will be the common bond for social cohesion.

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