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Skilled Migrants In Australia Are Good For The Economy, Says New Study

Mon, Aug 20 2018

Skilled Migrants In Australia Are Good For The Economy, Says New Study

At a time when the debate is going on to decrease the annual intake of permanent migrants, there is a new research that shows skilled migrants contribute substantially to Australia’s GDP by paying taxes.

A new study shows that skilled migrants add to Australia’s wealth and do not live on welfare or snatch the local workers jobs.

The report is by the Treasury and Department of Home Affairs and follows calls to reduce Australia’s immigration intake.

The applicants who were granted permanent visas in 2014-15 were estimated to have a lifetime net contribution of $6.9 billion to the budget, while family migrants granted permanent visas that year were estimated to have made a $1.6 billion contribution.

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On the other hand, refugee and humanitarian migrants have a lifetime net cost to the budget, of $2.7 billion.

The report further says that migration overall improves the commonwealth’s fiscal position, since migrants are likely to contribute more to tax revenue then they actually claim in social services or other government support.

However, the report also warns that a solution needs to be found to prevent the existing pressures prevailing in Australia with regards to infrastructure, housing, congestion and the environment.

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