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Skill Shortage in Australia Labor Market 2019

Fri, Sep 13 2019

Skill Shortage in Australia Labor Market 2019

Australia is stumbling with acute skill shortage in the country. Many jobs are going unfilled as Australian employers are unable to find the skilled workers with specialized skills. A report titled “The path to prosperity: Why the future of work is human” released by Deloitte says that nearly 243,200 jobs lay vacant in May 2019. This indicated an increase of 0.3% as compared to February 2019.

The Department of Employment, Skills, Small, and Family Business does regular research to recognize the skill shortages in Australia. The Department releases the skill shortage occupation at the national, state and regional levels.

The report suggests that following occupations are facing skill shortage:

  • Automotive Trades occupations like Motor Mechanics, Electricians, Vehicle painters
  • Engineering occupations like civil, mechanical and electrical
  • Engineering Trade occupations like mechanists, aircraft maintenance engineers, metal fitters
  • Food Trades occupations like bakers, chefs, cooks, butchers etc.
  • Health Professionals like speech therapists, optometrists, sonographers etc.
  • Teachers
  • Nurses

Based on the skill shortage across various occupations, the Australian Government on a timely basis updates the Australia SOL List to take care of the skill shortages prevailing in the country.

Apply to fulfill the Skill Shortage in Australia

The Australian Skilled Occupation Lists is divided into:

  • Medium and Long-Term Skill Shortage List
  • Short Term Skill Shortage List
  • Regional Occupation List

Though, the immigration department can only invite migrants on the basis of its occupational ceiling that provides the brief idea about which occupations are in demand and which are not. The occupational ceilings for the most popular jobs are:

Occupation Name

Occupation Ceiling

Registered Nurses 




Software and Applications Programmers*




Carpenters and Joiners


Secondary School Teachers


Metal Fitters and Mechanists


Motor Mechanics


Management consultant 






Sports Coaches, Instructors and Officials 


Structural Steel and Welding Trades Workers


Civil Engineering Professionals


General Practitioners and Resident Medical officers


University Lecturers and Tutors 



As per the Deloitte report, Australia will struggle with a skill shortage in critical occupations. The skill shortage will differ by industry and be felt throughout the Australian economy. There will be more than 2 million requirements of education, health, professional services and govt. services workers in the near future.

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