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Single Skilled Applicants Applying Australia Pr Fervently Waiting For The New Points System

Posted on: Thu, Jun 06 2019

Single Skilled Applicants Applying Australia Pr Fervently Waiting For The New Points System

The Australian Immigration point system is set to change from November 2019. The new point system will offer extra points to singles that will boost their overall immigration chances. As per the new report, singles are eagerly waiting for the new change to come into effect.

The applicants are ready to file supplication for Australia Permanent Residency Visa by taking a skill assessment test. However, the singles applicants are waiting until November to start the whole process.

One of the applicants, S. Vijay Kumar says, "Everything is set, but I am waiting for November. I will get an extra 10 points for being single, and that will increase my score."

S. Vijay Kumar, a student of Macquarie University is one of the many single applicants looking forward to the 10-points extra score that will come into effect from 16th November 2019. These changes were announced in April 2019 by the Australian Immigration Department.

According to the new Australia Point System changes, applicants who do not have a spouse or de facto partner will get 10 points.

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"Points are awarded for attributes that are linked with the applicant's ability to make the greatest economic contribution, as the key purpose of the skilled migration program is to maximize the economic benefits of migration to Australia”, the legislation reads.

The extra 10 points are given by the Australian Immigration department in an idea to bring more skilled migrants and discourage unskilled partners who come with married skilled migrants.

The amendments to the Australia point system follow the recommendations made by the Productivity Commission. According to the commission, around 50 percent of Australia’s permanent skill intake is secondary applicants having limited skills.

In 2016 report, the Productivity Commission recommended that the points system must be amended AptechVisa Global Reviewsso that skills and other-desirable employment-related characteristics of secondary applicants are contributed significantly in the point score of the primary applicant.

Many singles are waiting for the new point system to kick in to gain these ten extra points. These extra points will help potential migrants in a big way.

To claim these extra points people have put their marriage on hold. Earlier it was an opposite trend where migrants married before applying for Australia PR to claim an extra five points. Though, Australia Point system will also give 10 extra points to the applicants having skilled spouse or partner.

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