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Rise in working opportunities for foreign skilled workers in Australia

Fri, Aug 03 2018

Rise in working opportunities for foreign skilled workers in Australia

Australia skilled unemployment rate at 3 per cent (a level considered full employment) allures skilled overseas professionals to Australia to ensure the long-term viability of the nation.

A survey of 200 hiring managers in Australia found that more than 51 per cent of organizations suffer from key skill shortages while 74 per cent of tech hiring managers said a lack of suitable candidates is their hardest recruitment challenge. The issue further lies on not employing skilled professionals quickly and the local workers shifts towards other countries where they get double wages than Australia.

Hence, Australia needs to shift focus to hire overseas skilled workers to meet the labour requirement of the country.

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With a smaller pool and increasing demand, the turf war is created among talented professionals. In the past 12 months alone, Western Australia, New South Wales and Victoria has increased wage growth to 25 per cent in information and communication technology roles, system engineers and development operations role respectively.

The answer to this problem lies in enhancing the talent pool that will close the gap between supply and demand of skilled migrant workers. 69 per cent of Australian hiring managers said that hiring international talent helped in creating a knowledge-based working and combat the labour market needs.

The Australian government is thereby encouraging to attract both professionals from around the globe and local home-grown talent and also sustaining the level of growth forecast.

Thus, there is always need for competition but with Australia playing an unfair advantage over skill shortage is not at all interesting anymore. There should be systematic changes done in Australia labour market needs to balance out the current skilled migrant intake for the benefit of both local and overseas skilled workers to sustain growth of Australia.

Therefore, as a skilled worker you have the opportunity to apply for Australia PR visa to contribute towards the growing economy of Australia.

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