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Report: 80% Australians Says Immigration has Positive Impact On Economy

Wed, Dec 12 2018

Report: 80% Australians Says Immigration has Positive Impact On Economy

The recent report released by The Scanlon Foundation released a report stating that 4 out of 5 Australians feel immigration is beneficial for the economy. The report tracked the opinion of the people on immigration and population concerns.

The survey mapped 1500 Australians, where 52% of the respondents felt that the current immigration numbers are just okay. 43% felt that the immigration numbers are too high for Australian population.

Andrew Markus, Researcher from Monash University said that 82% of respondents felt immigration improved the Australian Society. The overseas migrants have brought new ideas and cultures that improved the overall society.

80% of Australians also agree that immigration is good for the overall development of the economy. The migrants brought fresh ideas and created new jobs.

The Australian Population has increased by 5 million. As per the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the Australian population is set to reach 30 million between 2029 and 2033.

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Though not every Australian was happy with the coming up of migrants in Australia, 54% of the respondents showed concern at the overcrowding of Australian major cities. 49% of the respondents are concerned over the increasing housing projects due to immigration. The other 48% of respondents blamed Australian government insufficient management of population increase.

The Australian Government aims at improving the population level to ease the stress on Australian cities. It is projected that Scott Morrison might cut down the immigration numbers by 30,000.

The annual cap f immigration intake was lowest in 2017-18 with only 163,000 PR visas issued under Australian Permanent Residency Visas.

Most of the respondents also felt that multiculturalism was good for Australia as it involves change of culture, ideas and belief of two countries. It involves adaptation both from the people in Australia and from the ones coming from overseas. The survey also asked the question to the respondents about adaptability of culture, where 54% of respondents felt that immigrants should adopt their behavior to be like people of Australia. Though, 37% felt that government should do something in order to maintain the traditions and customs of migrants.

Also, the rate of discrimination on the basis of religion, or skin color has also been reduced since 2016, as per SBS.

Australia is a wonderful country to live and work on permanent basis. The people already residing here are also very warm and welcoming. Check your immigration chances by filling the free assessment form to know which visa category suits you for Australian Permanent Residency.

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