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Reduced Migrants Will Not Solve Problems Instead Lowers Economic Growth of Australia

Wed, May 29 2019

Reduced Migrants Will Not Solve Problems Instead Lowers Economic Growth of Australia

The Australian Government has cut the annual immigration intake from 190,000 to 160,000. The decision is taken on a political basis, balancing the concerns of those who want much lower or higher immigration levels for a mix of social, environmental and economic reasons.

The immigration levels are investigated to check whether the Australia population is affected by increasing or decreasing the levels by taking three population scenarios: one similar to Australia's recent annual level of net migration (about 200,000 a year), one much lower (about 70,000 a year), and one much higher (300,000 a year).

The immigration recent levels seem to be in a "Goldilocks zone" that balances economic, social and environmental objectives.

The result suggests that migration is neither the problem nor solution in many areas where Australia is off-track from Government debt to environmental action.

Australian Immigration Policy is a de facto policy with the birthrate just keeping up with deaths it's a migration that drives population growth. It is the reason for population passing 25 million in 2018 years earlier than previously predicted.

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Annual migration intake is set as part of the annual budget cycle. The population growth has long-term impacts on many sectors from health and education to infrastructure and housing.


Immigration not makes a huge difference

If migration level is projected low for the year 2030- 27.3 million, for moderate-28.9 million and for high 30.6 million then below mentioned scenarios might come true.

Only in two goal areas- education, clean water, and sanitation results show that Australia doing better than 85% achievement by 2030 and in three goal areas- health, gender equality and energy Australia do better than 50%.

For decent work and economic growth, the migration middle level scored the best.

Australia Immigration levels will not make much of a difference in the country population levels as they are also contributing to their growing economy in the form of taxes. Fill the Australia Immigration Assessment form to arrange a callback from one of the immigration experts who can help you in knowing your immigration chances. 

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