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Queensland Updates Its Occupational List 2018

Sat, Oct 06 2018

Queensland Updates Its Occupational List 2018

The Immigration department of Queensland updates its Queensland Skilled Occupation Lists (QSOLs) and the latest lists have removed Accountant (General) (221111) from QSOLs.

The reason of removal of this occupation is the high number of applications received by the Business and Skilled Migration Queensland Australia. The excess in application numbers filled the desired quota of accountants.

Therefore, if you have applied for Queensland Immigrant Nominee Program as accountants and no invitation has been given to you by the department of Queensland Immigration, there are high chances of no further invitations from Queensland.

Alternative to Apply for Queensland Nomination Programs

BSMQ may open the occupation later if the current invites failed to revert within the specific time limit. If a situation like this exists, the immigration department of Queensland will update on the website page.

The Queensland Skilled Occupation List (QSOL) reflects the current labour requirement that is needed in Queensland to meet the labour shortage. To apply for Queensland Nomination Program, an applicant must have their occupation listed on its respective occupational demand list. Additionally, you must also meet the state eligibility and work experience criteria too.

To check your eligibility to apply for Queensland State Sponsorship, it is suggested that you fill the free assessment form and contact the visa and immigration experts of Aptech Global. You may also connect with the experts at 7503832132 today!

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