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Providing Irrelevant Information to DIBP lead to Australia Visa Cancellation

Posted on: Thu, Feb 27 2020

Providing Irrelevant Information to DIBP lead to Australia Visa Cancellation

It is basic requirement that a skilled applicant must submit or filled his or her visa application form in such a manner that all questions must be answered and no irrelevant answers should be provided.

There is other requirement also that applicant should not given inaccurate details during Interviews with the Minister for immigration, authorized person, tribunal, the officer or the Immigration Assessment Authority.

According to Section 109 of Migration Act 1958, the minister for Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural affairs has control to reject a visa if irrelevant information has been provided to Department of Home Affairs. It was explored in Section 109 that non citizens require:

Ask the experts the more resons of rejection of Australia Visa

  • To mention correct information in Australia visa applications and in passenger cards.
  • Not to provide false documents.
  • To notify the Department of any pertinent changes under circumstances.

The Minister can also reject an Australia visa if the applicant who has given the irrelevant information does not know that the information was inaccurate pursuant to Section 100 of the act. Besides of the type of information, if any evidence found that conveys that the provided information is incorrect, visa may be cancelled. If the Department is to reject your visa, the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) further will issue a (NOICC) Notice of Intention to Consider Cancellation Visa. Applicants can response back to NOICC.

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