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Potential Australian Citizenship Requirements – How to get Australian Citizenship??

Fri, Sep 14 2018
Potential Australian Citizenship Requirements – How to get Australian Citizenship??

The Australian Parliament has proposed Australian citizenship requirements changes to be implemented in the coming spring season 2018. The Australian Citizenship Legislation Amendment Bill 2017 has been prioritized.

Please note that the process of Australian Citizenship grant differs on different eligibility parameters. The below mentioned changes will be for the applicants who have got permanent residence and wants to apply for Australian citizenship.

The other people who are born in Australia or are adopted by a citizen of Australia got automatic Australian citizenship.

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Mentioned below are the potential Australian Citizenship mandatory requirements:

  1. The candidates would require to take English Test and score at least IELTS 5 bands in each module of reading, writing, listening and Speaking
  2. The candidates will be required to live in Australia for at least 4 years prior to applying for Canadian Citizenship
  3. There will be addition to the new questions in citizenship tests that will evaluate the applicants understanding of and commitment to Australia’s responsibilities and values.
  4. The candidates must showcase the proof of integrating into the Australian society and their contribution. The applicant can show their proof of employment, and association with the Australian community.
  5. The candidates will have only three attempts to apply for Australian citizenship. At present, there are unlimited chances given to the candidates to apply for Australian citizenship.
  6. The candidates found cheating during the Citizenship test would be failed automatically.

Thus, to get Australian Citizenship, applicants must meet the above requirements if finalized. The end decision will be taken up by the Australian immigration department.

The perfect way to attain Australian citizenship is by applying for permanent residency of Australia. Fill the free assessment form to know your immigration chances for Australia.

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