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One Should Have Progressive Immigration Policy: Ahmad Hussen On Australia Visit

Tue, Sep 04 2018

One Should Have Progressive Immigration Policy: Ahmad Hussen On Australia Visit

The Canadian Immigration Minister Ahmad Hussen addressed Australia’s New South Wales University to advocate a progressive immigration policy during his Australia visit to multicity.

Ahmad Hussen came to Canada as a refugee at the age of 16 years. He says that immigration is not just a portfolio but a life experience. He became the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Minister of Canada in 2017.

The Canadian minister said that history of modern Canada is a history of migration excluding the aboriginal people. The rest of the people in Canada are either decedents of migrants or migrants themselves. He quoted.

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He further elaborated on the global trends by highlighting the footfall of migrants in their country like never before.

The increased immigration is a key strategy to address challenges faced due to the aging population in diverse nations. He emphasized on two options that politicians have, one is to win elections by the name of immigration gambling and other is to take higher path and discuss the benefits to immigration.

The developed countries like Australia, Canada and other nations must be ambitious regarding immigration said the Immigration Minister of Canada. The immigration target for Canada is fixed at 310,000 for 2018, he added.

The immigrants coming to any nation is a two way path. The incorporation cannot be expected in an absence of a welcoming environment in the nation. Thus, country should invite migrants with open arms.

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