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OHSA Job Occupation Requirements To Apply for Australia PR Visa

Fri, Jul 27 2018

OHSA Job Occupation Requirements To Apply for Australia PR Visa

The applicants intended to nominate jobs for Occupational Health and Safety Advisers (OHSA) for Australian permanent residency are required to fulfill certain requirements.

The OHSA job involvers developing, implementing and evaluating risk management programs and policies. It also requires training employees in occupational safety and health procedures, audit and monitor the workplace, investigate and record incidents. The following activities are done to ensure healthy and safe working conditions.

The qualification required must be in equivalence with Australian Qualification Framework Bachelor’s degree or higher. The highly specializations of study includes Occupational Health and Safety, Workplace Health and Safety and Occupational Hygiene.

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The applicants willing to migrate to Australia through OHSA job nomination requires assessment of qualifications on par with the AQF. This education must be in the appropriate field nominated by the applicant.

Additionally, a post graduation degree along with a minimum one year of work experience is required in the last 5 years. The experience must be highly appropriate to the occupation that has been nominated for the Australian permanent residency.

However, in specific conditions, the minimum of three years of employment at a suitable skill level in the last 5 years is required for OHSA occupations that means if the degree is not in the highly suitable field and you have an extra qualification of minimum AQG diploma level is present.

To be able to apply for Australia PR, there must be a positive outcome of both employment and qualification in the skill assessment.

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