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NSW Immigration Levels Have Been Strategically Gone Up

Wed, Oct 10 2018

NSW Immigration Levels Have Been Strategically Gone Up

The New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian herself a product of immigration wants the state to be halved only till the immigration levels is settled down and government keeps with the infrastructure demands.

Gladys, daughter of the immigrants also says that NSW will always welcomes the new migrants as they come to contribute towards the growing economy of the state but the Federal Government had lost the control over immigration.

Though, it is good that immigration levels have gone up from 45,000 people to 75,000 people in last two years and now it has reached almost 100,000 per year.

She said NSW had “Fantastic Multiculturalism” because of the ever increasing migrants coming up from different cultures.

Ms. Berejiklian has no problem with the ever increasing migration intake but emphasis on proper population policy must be in place to look where the population is growing and what the government is actually lacking.

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Is population increase really affecting infrastructure?

Australia states are in need of more immigrants to come and settle to contribute towards the growing economy. While, there are states that requires migrants badly on the other hand, cities like Sydney and Melbourne are over-flooded with the migrants that is putting strain on infrastructure.

The Prime Minister Scott Morrison says that the government needs to focus more on the population plans for smooth functioning of the immigration.

More and more migrants should focus on coming to the regional areas of Australia instead of going to the populous city. There are many working opportunities in the regional areas as well.

The government is putting in every possible effort to support the population increase by building up schools, hospitals, organizations etc.

Thus, the government suggests that migrants are more than welcome in Australia and should focus on coming and living in the regional areas as opposed to the populated ones.

Due to the less population in the regional areas, there are more chances of working opportunities.

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