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Northern Territory Is Offering Money To Applicants Settling In The Province

Tue, Aug 28 2018

Northern Territory Is Offering Money To Applicants Settling In The Province

Over 53 occupations are listed as high priority in Northern Territory. Occupations like chef, accountants, software engineers, and mechanical engineers are highly required in Northern Territory.

The Northern Territory requires more number of people in their province and thus, is offering cash incentives to families, couples and individuals who are willing to come and settle in the province.

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The Northern Territory government is willing to invest $9.3 million to attract more individuals including migrants coming with or without families. The province will offer more than $15,000 over five years to the people moving to NT for work purposes in “high priority jobs.”

The announcement is a part of the Northern Territory Population Growth Strategy 2018-2028, the NT government is hopeful of adding 21,000 new jobs and $10.4 billion towards NT economy in the next decade.

The cash incentive will include relocation costs, one-off local spending benefit and retention bonus that will be made available to individuals, couples and families coming to Northern Territory.

The relocation bonus for singles is $3000, for couples it is $6000 and for families it is $7000

The one-off local spending benefit of $1250 will be rewarded after six months of living in the NT that can be used towards costs incurred within the territory including eating out at restaurants, child care and vehicle registration etc.

After living for five years in the territory, the government will again give the same retention bonus to singles, couples and families respectively.

Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner said, “Just about every regional centre in Australia is trying to grow their population. It's a national trend."

The incentives will be awarded from November 2018 to the applicants migrating to the Northern Territory from interstate under high priority occupations listed on the Northern Territory Skilled Occupation Demand List.

The Northern Territory is in need of accountants, engineers, and chefs etc on urgent basis to meet their labour requirements. There are more than 53 occupations listed on Northern Territory occupational demand list as high priority occupations.  These includes hotel manager, finance manager, mechanical engineers etc.

Source: NT Department of Trade Business and Innovation.

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