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New immigrants adapting Australian culture are happier, as per the new reports

Tue, Jul 30 2019

New immigrants adapting Australian culture are happier, as per the new reports

According to a new survey conducted in Australia, the skilled migrants who adapt to Australian culture boost personal happiness, SBS reported.

Australia is a multicultural country and it is easy for the immigrants to maintain their inherited culture. However, a recent study of more than 300 immigrants found that people who settle in Australia society by adapting its culture have a higher personal happiness than those who do not adapt to Australian society.

By personal happiness, the survey means a person’s quality of life, which is measured from two levels: one is the overall satisfaction with one’s own life; the other is the fulfillment in specific life areas like achievement, emotion, health, safety, community association and security.

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The study was based on the relationship between residence time, cultural fitness and personal happiness of skilled immigrants from outside the West. According to the results of the survey, immigrants who are happier also have higher English language skills, and Australian status, and are more adaptable to Australian culture than their ancestral cultures.

The survey was conducted using the Australian overall personal Happiness Index (Australian Unity Personal Well-being Index (PWI) to calculate the personal satisfaction with a score of 0 to 100.

The average PWI of the Australian total population ranges from 74.2 to 76.8. It was seen that the PWI values of the technical immigrants sampled in this study were higher- up to 77.27 points. Compared with the overall Australian population, these immigrants have higher education, skills and level of salary, which is helpful in improving their personal well-being.

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New immigrants adapting Australian culture are happier

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