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New Australian Visa scheme to ‘Fast-Track’ for Highly-Skilled Migrants

Tue, Nov 05 2019

New Australian Visa scheme to ‘Fast-Track’ for Highly-Skilled Migrants

The target for this new visa scheme will be for seven “future-focused fields”.

For maintaining Australia’s competitiveness, the government will target a new permanent migration scheme for the category of highly-skilled technologies, including seven fields, i.e. fintech, quantum computing, and cyber security.

The (GTIP) Global Talent Independent program, which was marked up in June, enticing the topmost talent from the world. It was launched by Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs “David Coleman” on Monday.

The (GTIP) program has an objective to attract up to 5000 high-income earners that are working “at the peak of their field” in between July 2019 and June 2020 to the country, Australia with an offer of a “fast-tracked method to permanent residency’.

This program quite differs from (GTES) ‘Global talent – employer-sponsored program’, which was made permanent in August after a 12th-month pilot.

Those migrants who are working in one of these seven “future-focused fields” and eager to earn more than $149,000 every year in Australia, they will be eligible to Apply for Australia Permanent Residency Visa under the “Global Talent Independent Program”.

Know more about Australia Global Talent Independent Program

The Seven fields include Cyber Security, AgTech, Space and advanced manufacturing, energy and mining Technology, fintech, medtech, and advanced digital/data science/ICT and quantum information.

It will be applicable to check the Normal character, integrity, and security for any migration.

Though, despite to wait for migrants to apply for, the program GTIP access to sufficiently look for talent by using “Global Talent officers” through the Department of Home Affairs.

The officers, who are already situated in Washington DC, Berlin, Shanghai, Singapore, Dubai, Santiago, and New Delhi, and also will work across countrywide within their regions, they will assist the candidates through the entire application process.

This fast-tracked process would take around weeks, not months, as reported by the Australian Financial Review.

As per the Australian Home Affairs, migrants will also be able to assist the program with having a referral from “an organization or a person with a national reputation in a similar field as a candidate”.

According to Coleman, GTIP targeting as the “world’s most highly skilled migrants” to establish the best position for competitiveness in Australia.

He added, “We wish to establish Australia at the topmost of wider growth trends within the world economy. We will facilitate growing higher growth industries present in Australia by enabling local businesses to access the best talents of the world”.

“By the time, this Global Talent program has the prospective to seen as a transformative effect on the economy of Australia.”

Though the program is paid attention to bringing the external talent, Australian Home Affairs expects to this scheme will also and by addition, form “opportunities for Australians through the transfer of effective skills, encouraging innovation and creating further Job opportunities.”

Karen Andrews, Minister for Industry, Science and Technology, said that the local job creation with 5000 GTIP placements, would “facilitate growth within the Australian technology industry”.

She added, “Businesses require being able to engage skilled Australian workers with accessing the abilities of specialists from across the globe for our growth of domestic tech industry.”

She said, “We can form a high-paying local jobs opportunity through building Australia as a global technology hub. The Global talent program considered a sign to tech companies that we are open to business.”              

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