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6.2 lakhs Immigrant business owners in Australia employ 1.4 million people

Wed, May 30 2018

6.2 lakhs Immigrant business owners in Australia employ 1.4 million people

The CGU latest reports suggest that Immigrant business owners have made a huge impact on the economy of Australia. The impact ranges from regional job placements to entrepreneurship. The young and energetic generation of Australia is welcoming diversity and multiculturalism to their country. This can be backed up by the fact that the immigrant workers are positively influencing the economic success of Australia.

The report Migrant Small Businesses by CGU focused on the contribution made by the immigrant business owners in the Australian economy. The report elaborates that 1/3rd of Australia is owned by the immigrant businessman. They are outpacing their Australian contemporaries, as quoted by Finder.

The study has been compiled from results of 921 online surveys held in August 2017. The report further revealed that 620,000 plus small businesses in Australia are owned by immigrants. They are the reason behind employing 1.4 million people in Australia.

Also, 1/3rd of the immigrant-owned business owners are planning to expand their businesses by hiring new workers. This will result in 20,000 new jobs in Australia in the next 5 to 10 years. Additionally, 25% of the businesses which are owned by the non-immigrants are also planning to hire extra workers in the next 10 years.

The immigrants have not only contributed towards Australian economy by creating jobs and small business entrepreneurship. They have also played vital role in stabilizing the Australian economy and population of rural regions.

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